• Electrical drawings for modular off-site manufacture
    We specialise in drawings for the modular electrical sector and offer a full package:
    • System Design from electrical design drawings, i.e. consultants lighting, small power & containment layouts
    • 2D CAD drawings showing all components of the system including measured cables
    • Take-off of materials for each system
    • Product drawings for all components (as required)
    • Distribution board schedules including modular connection details
  • 2D drawings from existing paper only drawings
  • 2D drawings from engineered mark-ups to client/project specifications
    • Electrical drawings for lighting, small power, containment, LV distribution, alarms, lightning protection, schematics etc.
    • Pipework drawings for domestic water, gas, heating, cooling, refrigeration, etc.
    • Ductwork drawings in double-line from single line schematics or other forms of engineered design
    • Pipework drawings for plumbing/drainage from engineered mark-ups
    • Plantroom layouts from selected kit and engineered pipe/duct sizes
    • As fitted drawings, from survey or taking construction drawings & making amendments as required
  • 3D models from existing 2D plans or mark-ups to client/project specifications
  • 3D co-ordinated models from engineered mark-ups to client/project specifications
  • Plotting - we offer plotting service for A4-A0 B&W or colour. Please call for prices.